May 17

This week we continued our series The Essentials by answering the question “Why is communion and water baptism important?” Communion is a vital part of our worship experience. Jesus told us to receive communion in remembrance for His sacrifice for our sins, Matthew 26:26-28. The symbolism of communion represents the first baptism. Where through believing and receiving Christ as our Lord and Savior the Holy Spirit baptizes us into the Body of Christ, 1 Corinthians 12:13.


Water Baptism not only is a commandment but something that Jesus demonstrated personally through his own baptism. Once we receive Christ the next step in our faith journey is to be water baptized by a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Water baptism is a physical declaration that we are no longer a follower of our sinful, we are now followers of Jesus Christ.


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May 10

On Sunday we were blessed to receive our sermon from Janelle. In her message she focused on John 11:1-44. We walked through the feelings, expectations, and labels that Martha experienced and accepted as truth with the passing of her brother Lazarus. Jesus did not come when Martha wanted and he did not move when Martha wanted him to move which made it hard for Martha to see past death and realize that Jesus is the true resurrection and life.


God’s plans for us are greater and better than where we momentarily find ourselves and if you’ll choose to trust and believe God’s plans, you’ll see your graves turn into gardens. Jesus has called us all out of our graves, to take off our grave clothes, and go forward. Sometimes, remnants from our grave clothes stay stuck to us and we need the Holy Spirit to burn them off and wash away the ashes so we can walk in the fullness of Christ and in what we’re called to do and be.


God is waiting to turn your graves into gardens and show you the plans He has for you. So let’s go, get after it, and let God turn our graves into thriving gardens!

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May 3

This week Pastor Terry continued our series The Essentials by answering our third question, Why do I need Jesus? Roman 5:12-19 Paul explains how sin entered the world by one man’s actions. He then explains how one man’s actions, Jesus, conquered sin. We need Jesus because nothing we can do on our own can defeat our sinful nature. Jesus’ gift of eternal life through his sacrifice on the cross is the third essential of our faith. We need to hold tightly to that gift.

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April 26

This week Pastor Rustan continued in our series The Essentials with the second essential One True God & The Trinity.  We were faced with 3 questions. 1) Is there a God?  2) Which one do I trust?  3) What does He want from me?


When these questions are answered, backed by scripture, we find

1) There is a God, both our senses and science prove so.

2) That is the God of the Bible- God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one i.e. the Trinity.

3) We are intently created with a purpose, that is to have a relationship with the creator God.


Ask yourself these questions, search your heart this week. Know that He loves you.

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