September 20  Watch this week's service

Jackie brought us a message titled Fear Over Faith using scriptures Gen. 12:1, Num. 14:28-32, and Heb. 11:1-3.  Let us not be a faithless generation so we can receive God's promises.  A faithless generation leaves the battle to the next generation.  Watch the video above to hear the service in its entirety.

September 13  Watch this week's service

Pastor David brought us a message titled How to Thrive in the Craziness.  Reading from Psalms 16:1-11 he outlined our steps.

  1. Develop a trust lifestyle.

  2. Include godly people in your trust loop.

  3. Make God your inheritance.

  4. Receive continually.

  5. Think heaven.

September 6  Watch this week's service

We had the pleasure of Janelle bringing us our sermon titled There is Another in the Fire using scripture from Daniel 3:13-27, James 1:12, 1 Thessalonians 5:24, Zechariah 2:5, and Romans 8:28.  Watch the video above to hear what she had to say.

August 30  Watch this week's service

This week Pastor Rustan broke down Ephesians 6:10-17 and discussed the armor of God.  Daily we find ourselves in a spiritual war, so we need to be prepared.  Paul writing to the church in Ephesus gives us the guide to victory in this daily war.  We tap into the Lord's strength through His mighty power and gear up with His armor, we will overcome.

August 23  Watch this week's service

This week's Target is Availability. Exodus 3 recounts the story of God speaking through the burning bush in the wilderness. In our message we focused on the bush of the story. The bush was on fire but was not consumed. God is calling us to be like the bush; able to grow in a harsh environment, available to be used for His purpose, and not so consumed by the passion that we burn down everything around us.

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